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    2016年3月23日,Sweetrip(思味思我)2016年新品发布会在成都召开。来自全国各地的200多名经销商代表及海外供应商参加了此次会议。 Sweetrip 2016 new products announcement conference was successfully held on 23rd March 2016. More than 200 distributors from whole China and Overseas suppliers attend the conference. 百年经典,源自欧洲!多年来,Sweetrip(思味思我)一贯追求品质第一,服务至上,致力引进最纯正健康的欧洲食品,只为给广大消费者带来更健康更新颖的消费体验并不断引领消费潮流。本次会议,Sweetrip(思味思我)隆重推出了欧洲最时尚最健康的有机素食巧克力,它不同于一般的“传统”巧克力,特别适合注重自身健康、尊重生命、爱护环境的素食环保主义者。 Brands of Century, Come from Europe. Sweetrip always focus on top quality, top service. By only import original European healthy foods, Sweetrip brings modern and healthy customer experience and leads the fashion. During the conference, Sweetrip announced the most fashionable and healthy Vegan Chocolates from Europe. They are different from traditional chocolates and most suitable forvegetarians who focus health, respect lives and protect environment. 另外,Sweetrip(思味思我)还发布了德国Elemint(第一原素)和Dr.C.Soldan(苏丹博士)功能性糖果,意大利Liking(蓝眼睛)糖果,荷兰Beck's(贝克)牛轧糖等等,此外大家对欧洲经典的德国Heidel(海德)巧克力新品,意大利Feletti(费丽雯)巧克力新品的热度依然不减。 Also, Sweetrip announced German Elemint and Dr.C.Soldan candies, Italian Liking candies, Becky’s Nougats from Holland. Guest were also attracted by new products from German Heidel Chocolates and Italy Feletti Chocolates. 感谢新老朋友与思味思我携手同行、风雨同舟,期待与您在2016年一齐精彩绽放! Sweetrip appreciates the help and support from all ourold and new friends. Sweetrip wish to have successful co-operations with you. 。









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