SIAL PARIS 2014年法国食品及饮料展
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    2014年10月19日至10月23日,SIAL PARIS第50届法国食品及饮料展在巴黎隆重举行,SIAL PARIS法国食品及饮料展是整个欧洲乃至世界最大的食品行业盛会,引领全球食品行业的流行趋势,是全球最受欢迎的食品展。

    The 50th SIAL Paris was held in Paris from 19th to 23rd of Oct 2014. SIAL is one of the largest exhibition for Food and Drinks in Europe and the world. As a world leading exhibition, SIAL has always been the most welcome exhibition for customers.
    As the General manager of Sweetrip, Mrs Anlei Qian and her team attended the SIAL. Meetings with Sweetrip's old and new suppliers, discussed about previous and future co-operations, the coming years orders plan… as well as discovered variety of new European Sweets, that have potential to become Sweetrip's quality products in the near future. Soon Sweetrip will bring new and more fashion, natural and delicious European Sweets and food to China market and customers.








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