SIAL CHINA 2014第十五届中国国际食品饮料展览会
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SIAL CHINA 2014第十五届中国国际食品饮料展览会

2014年5月13日至5月15日, SIAL CHINA 2014第十五届中国国际食品饮料展览会在上海新国际博览中心隆重开幕。




13th of May to 15th of May 2014, the SIAL China was held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

Sweetrip, as the largest food importer in south west of China, attended the SIAL China as an exhibitor with full preparation. Sweetrip owns famous and classical brands from Europe. Beside our existing products as Macaroon, Feletti, etc, Sweetrip brought also new elements to the market: Coconut water from Thailand and Potato crackers from Bulgaria.

During the Exhibition, the Special decorated booth of Sweetrip received lots of praises from Chinese and Foreign visitors, and attracted suppliers from France, Germany, Belgium and Spain. They stopped at our booth and asking for co-operation.

Meanwhile, as the General Manager of Sweetrip, Ms Anlei Qian attended the Chocolate World activities held by the Exhibition, and gives a brief presentation to all visitors. They are amazed by the delicious chocolates brought by Sweetrip.


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